• Turning Over a New Leaf
    in Corporate Wellness
    Making Employee Wellness Better
Holistic Healthcare

Because employee wellness is not just about physical fitness.We offer health programs for overall wellbeing.

Real-Time Health Data

Create a comprehensive wellness program for your employees by monitoring health patterns on a regular basis.

Health Risk Assessment

Comprehensive health risk assessment report for employees for detailed insights on their health issues and lifestyle changes required.

Custom-designed occupational health programs keeping in mind working condition and environment of the employees.

Don't let ailing employees pull down your business. Take care of their wellness, and they will take care of yours. Let your corporate wellness initiatives create a difference.

Use specifically designed wellness programs to target the most relevant health issues your employees are facing.

Data-driven Solutions

Fitastik empowers you with right tools and information to manage your employees' health better.

Preventive Healthcare

Present detailed analytics on the organisation's health; diseases/ailments prevalent in your organisation

Action Plan

Create a comprehensive annual action plan to address the wellness issues